Social Media Services

Social media strategy development

Aligning your social media content to your brand identity,
the team will make all the graphic elements more uniform,
optimize posting, and improve the quality of the material.
We will also work with the client to determine the proper
language and tone to use, what personality you want
to shine through, and what demographic to target.

Basic Content Creation

We will make use of the client’s library of assets (photos, videos,
music, etc) to produce social media content. Said content will be
optimized for the platforms it will appear in.

Advanced Content Creation

We will produce graphics and videos for the client, to be used specifcally for social media use. This can range from periodical photo/video sessions to event coverage.

Community Management

The team will post pre-approved content across the client’s social
media accounts, and will interact with people who message the
client through the social media portals.